Will God heal my sick child?


P1030150Will God heal my sick child?  As a Christian who believes in a God who healed the sick and raised Jesus from the dead, I can absolutely, definitely, say ‘possibly’.  This is not much encouragement to the parent of a sick child.  What does it mean to trust in God when your child is ill?

When one of my children is seriously ill, generally Charlie, an amazing transformation takes place in me.  The things that usually would annoy me – taking forever to unite forks of food with his mouth – are longed for because at least he’s eating.  Being woken at night by his cries is not intensely frustrating, it’s a welcome sign that he is still alive albeit a worrying indication of continued illness.

This benevolence in sickness may be left over from the three weeks Charlie spent in intensive care when he was a baby, weighing up whether life would be worth the effort or not.  At that time I received many really encouraging texts from Christian friends.  I can’t remember what they said, but I appreciated the effort they made to write when really nothing could be said.  The only text that I resented was the one that said ‘God is a healer’.  Yes. he can heal but then again he sometimes doesn’t.  I didn’t know which option would apply to us at the time so knowing God was a healer was actually of no encouragement at all.

Some Christians do experience healing which is seen as highly medically improbable (what Christians would call a miracle), but some Christians don’t.  There is no guarantee of health associated with belief.  On the other hand, many people are healed through the (God-given) wisdom and skill of doctors.  In the end, Charlie’s healing came improbably, but medically plausibly, quickly.  I feel that God did actually heal him.  But that’s no guarantee for the future.

So as the parent of a sick child we can pray for either miraculous or run of the mill healing.  Any healing will do.  What is our attitude in the meantime?  What do we trust God for?

We can trust that this sickness is not part of God’s will for our child.  There was never meant to be sickness in the world.  But that doesn’t mean that God can’t bring good out of sickness.  My husband and I experienced many blessings during the time that Charlie was ill in the form of kindnesses from others.  Looking back, we could see God at work through people around us, comforting us by their words and actions.

I now trust that God can bring good out of any situation.  If God can turn the death of his son on the cross into salvation and blessing for all mankind, he can bring blessings out of any horrific occurrence.  I trust that when terrible things happen, God will reassure me of his love in lots of different ways (possibly barring the way I really want, which is complete and speedy  healing).  Looking back, I can see how much my relationship with God grew during my son’s illness.  I didn’t learn that God will always heal, but I learnt that there is nothing so awful that God can’t be there in some way.  This was further reinforced the year after Charlie was born when, not to be outdone, my husband suffered his own, personal, life-threatening illness.  I have to say, I’m not sure these wonderful lessons were really worth the agony of the illnesses and I really wouldn’t want to do through those times again in any way.  But I know that if I have to (and can I state once more, I really don’t want to), that in some unimaginable way there will be goodness amongst the horror.  I trust God for that.





3 Responses to “Will God heal my sick child?”

  1. A very thought provoking piece. I think its through real suffering that the very idea of a caring and compassionate God is most challenging.


  2. janefrazer65 Says:

    A very thought provoking piece. It is when you are confronted by extreme sickness or suffering that the idea of a compassionate and caring God is most challenging.


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